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Evangelical Faith Resources

“We affirm that God-given dominion is a sacred responsibility to steward the earth and not a license to abuse the creation of which we are a part. We are not the owners of creation, but its stewards, summoned by God to “watch over and care for it” (Gen. 2:15). This implies the principle of sustainability: our uses of the Earth must be designed to conserve and renew the Earth rather than to deplete or destroy it….

“People have long adapted their life habits and systems to the energy that is available to them. The challenge for us is to make changes voluntarily, for the sake of the poor and for the sake of God’s creation, before they are forced on us by world events. We can do this with some of the following changes:

“Live more simply. Most Americans can make lifestyle changes that will reduce their energy requirements. We can learn godliness with contentment and avoid being enslaved to materialism (see 1 Timothy 6:6-9).

“Use energy more efficiently. Most of us waste a significant portion of the energy we consume. We could enjoy many comforts while using less energy. Churches should lead the way in energy efficiency, and many of them are beginning to do so! Our houses of worship should be models of good stewardship.”

National Association of Evangelicals

Talks from Our Team

At a recent Creation Care Summit, members of our team gave various addresses relating to our roles, individual and corporate, in caring for God’s Creation.

Keynote Talk: Jane Doe
Bob Whitaker
Mike Bowling
Kyle Meyaard-Schaap
Ashley Inselman

Clickable Resources


National Association of Evangelicals, “Caring for God’s Creation: A Call to Action

National Association of Evangelicals, “Statement on Christian Stewardship

Southern Baptists, “Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change”

Wesleyans, “A Wesleyan View of Creation Care”

Creation Care and Evangelicals

Christianity Today, “A Covenant with the Earth”, October, 2010

National Association of Evangelicals, “Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment”, Dorothy Boorse

Caring for Creation: The Evangelical’s Guide to Climate Change and a Healthy Environment, Rev. Mitch Hescox and Paul Douglas

Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action, Dr. Matthew Sleeth, foreword by Dr. Joel C. Hunter.

Keep It Good: Understanding Creation Care through Parables, C. Lindsay Linsky

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, Jen Hatmaker

Sermons, Sermon Starters and Devotionals

Katharine Hayhoe sermon, Grace Community Capital Church

Restoration is Coming.

Tending to the Garden.

Shout It From the Mountaintop.

Christ, Creator


Easter: Up From the Grave- the Church Arose

Bearing the Image

April 22 Creation Care Sunday. Traditional & Contemporary Worship Order. Message: Loving God Through Creation


Salvation Means Creation Healed: The Ecology of Sin and Grace, Overcoming the Divorce between Heaven and Earth, Howard A Snyder with Joel Scandrett


“The Gospel Call to Care for Creation”, Rev. Ben Lowe, Wheaton College address

“Witness to Climate Change”,  short video from senior evangelical leaders on their trip to Malawi in 2013

Evangelicals and Climate Change video, Katharine Hayhoe

Creation Care and Evangelicals Websites

Blessed Earth  www.blessedearth.org

Evangelical Environmental Network   www.creationcare.org

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